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Implement Future Ready Projects with a wide range of eGlobal Solutions that cut across industries and domains by leveraging the best tools.

Customer Relationship Management

Implement your CRM Strategy with eGlobal to maintain and enhance the relationship with existing customers and future customers and retain them to drive the growth of the organization.

With our Solutions you have:
  • Improved Growth
  • Focused Marketing Efforts
  • Improved Analytics Data and Reporting.
  • Automation of Tasks.

Sales Performance Management

Implement your Sales Strategy and Compensation Plans with our Industry best tools to kick start your sales journey. Optimize teams performance by setting goals and incentives enabling accountability and anticipating market changes.

With our Solutions you have:
  • Accelerated Sales Onboarding
  • Competitive Compensation Model
  • Drive and Improve Sales
  • Process Automations
  • Realtime Data Analytics and Reporting
  • Growth Forecast

Supply Chain Management

Take Control of the Demand to Supply ratios and quickly anticipate the shifts in the demands. You can plan, adapt, forecast to coordinate your production and sales.

With our Solutions you have:
  • Better Demand Planning
  • Better Forecasting
  • Better Track of your sales
  • Improved Data Analytics and Reporting
  • Improved Profits and Margins.

Warehouse Management System

Benefits of a warehouse management system are imperative for businesses experiencing growth. Growing business with on-hand inventory will benefit greatly from using a warehouse management system.

With our Solutions you have:
  • Optimized Space and Lower Operating Costs.
  • Better Inventory Visibility
  • Optimize supply chain
  • Improved trackability
  • Improved Shipment Management

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