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Line of Services

We offer a wide range of services to convert and go live with your business change.

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End to End Implementations

We have class leading experience in driving large and complex implementations right from Requirements Gathering through to completion. We also provide enhanced support to our customers during UAT, Go-Live and Post Go-Live phases.

Customizations and Developments

Every project post Go-Live requires customizations and changes during its life in production. Many times, these customizations require significant effort, planning, careful analysis and understanding of the existing system. We are here to help our customers efficiently take up any changes to their production systems. We take utmost care during the changes and ensure zero deviations to the existing functionality.

Version Upgrades

We are living in a Cloud ear in which version upgrades to our software are seamless and happen without our intervention. This has advantages as well as carries risks such as breaking existing functionalities, customizations becoming redundant. At eGlobal we carefully assess the major system upgrades and ensure our customer with zero deviations of the existing functionalities.


The way we interpret technology is changing very rapidly and in order to be Business Ready, we need to sunset our legacy applications and migrate on to the latest and more efficient systems. eGlobal is ahead of the curve and is updated with the latest technologies available in the market. This allows us to recommend, implement and migrate the customer from their legacy world to a new world. We also ensure that the historic data will be lifted and shifted to the new systems without any loss.

Application Maintenance and Support (AMS)

Running an application be it cloud or on premise is as important and complex as implementation. eGlobal is here to support customers with the run and operate of their existing and new systems with ease. We adhere 100% to customer SLA's and Change Management procedures during the operations. We can provide 24X7 support as well.

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